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Allow me to show you a creative process that flows into a final result of art.


I am Mart Krijger, the driving force behind: Skull Art the original and Interior GFM-decorations. What I am showing you here is a creative process that flows into a final result of art.

With a background as a jewelry maker, I have developed a keen eye for detail and finish. During the years I gained a lot of inspiration and material knowledge, partly because of my many trips in as many as 40 developing countries. Together with my wife, we both gained years of experience and lots of inspiration and creativity.


Using real natural, carved or metalized water buffalo skulls, African Watusi, Oryx, decorated with thousands of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, semi-precious stones and different kinds of leather. Each object is unique and hand made in Holland. It can take up to three weeks to complete a project for one skull. And we work mainly from our own creativity, but it is also possible to order a custom- made skull with Skull Art. The skulls are used in various (interior) projects.


We have an exclusive range of decorative panels Suitable for many interior purposes. The designs are also excellent for use in custom projects. The GFM technique can be used on all applicable interior elements like headboards, table tops, walls, and furniture in a lounge bar or as accents.

All panels are unique and hand made by myself here in our studio.

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Where nature meets Art.

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